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Frequently Asked Questions

Most answers on specific items on the site can be found by simply pointing at the nearest point at me for help.

  1. I cannot load the map even though I have Adobe Flash installed... how can I correct this issue?

    If you are having issues loading the maps, you may need to enable Flash Player in your Browser.

  2. I am not receiving any Exchange Mail messages.

    In order to receive Exchange Mail, you have to set up a “Preference/Search”. Once you login, you can create a Preference/Search using the instruction below. Once you save the Preference/Search, you will begin receiving any new Exchange Mails that meet the Search Criteria you set up.

    1. Click “My Preferences / Search” on gray bar.
    2. Click “Create a Preference / Search” blue button.
    3. You will go make various selections on the first page. You can select the widest possibilities (i.e. Haves and Needs, Categories/Markets/Sizes – Select All) or you can selectively choose a more defined search by only choosing some of the options. Click “Continue »”
    4. On the second page, you can “Select All” from the drop-down box above the map or selectively choose multiple areas on the map by clicking on the different sections (they will turn a blue/gray tone instead of yellow/gold tone). Click “Continue »”
    5. The third page allows you to save this search. You will need to enter a name for the search in the yellow box and click “Save”. All Exchange Mails in the system within the last 90 days that match your criteria will also be listed below. You can click on the magnifying glass icon to open any of those Exchange Mails.
  3. I've set up my preferences but I am not receiving messages. Why not?

    1. Make sure your email address is correct.
    2. Make sure your preferences are set properly.
    3. Make sure messages are not going to the junk mail folder. Click here to see how to add our address (@commercialboardexchange.com) to your Outlook "safe-list" to prevent this.
    4. Make sure you or your company do not have a spam filter blocking it.
    5. Get your internet service provider or mail provider to “white-list” the following:
      1. ip addresses and
      2. Domains mail.webtoolset.net and commercialboardexchange.com.
  4. I am receiving the same messages repeatedly. What is causing this?

    1. If you receive multiple messages at the same time:

      No matter how many categories you are signed up for, we will send you each message only once. Repeat messages are often caused by Outlook having difficulty communicating with your mail server. If you have Webmail you can confirm that this is the issue if you see that you received messages there only once. Contact your email service provider to see if they can resolve the issue or try using another email account if that is unsuccessful. If your anti-virus has an active spam filter try disabling it as that can also play a role.

    2. If you receive the same message more than once every two weeks:

      Re-sending more than once every two weeks is a violation of the Exchange Mail Rules and Regulations. While system is constantly monitored, your assistance is always appreciated. Please click the "report abuse" link at the bottom of the message to forward the message to the Exchange Mail administrator.
  5. It says my attachment is too big, even though it's only one page. Why are your limits so restrictive?

    1MB is actually ample room to put even an 8 page document-if it is formatted properly. The most common problem is that the file size of a picture has not been reduced properly. Dropped in straight from a new digital camera, pictures often have enough information to display detail zoomed in 20 times or to be blown up the size of a wall. While some degree of this can be useful for print ads, file size can (and should) be reduced drastically without affecting the pictures appearance on screen. This should be done when the document is being created, as it is easy at that point but much more difficult afterward. Just ask whoever is creating the document to have a version under 1MB for electronic purposes, or if you are doing it yourself look for an option such as "reduce picture size for web viewing" or compress your pictures beforehand. Exact options will vary depending on the program you are using.

  6. How can I create one of those decorative flyers that has links like a webpage?

    Our template was created to allow those who do not have a marketing department creating flyers to easily create a professional looking design.

    The more advanced custom designs you see from other senders were most likely created by a marketing department in a web design program such as Microsoft Frontpage or Adobe Dream Weaver. They can then be emailed to the agent/broker at which point all they have to do is copy and paste from the email. All images reside on their server and the links go to their website.

    In the "from scratch" creation mode, you can upload images to be hosted on our sever using the “image manager” icon and create hyperlinks simply by highlighting a word or picture and then clicking on the "hyperlink manager " icon and entering the address you want it to go to. Of course it is not going to be as easy to create an advanced design in our editor as it would be in one of the design programs made specifically for that purpose.

  7. I'm inserting my own flyer. What is an appropriate size?

    It's up to you how large or small your flyer looks best, but the suggested size for a one page flyer is around 700x560 pixels. While edits can be made after the flyer is inserted, it's usually best to do this beforehand and is easily done in any basic photo editing software such as Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

  8. How can I have messages come only to my computer and not to my blackberry?

    Check out this blog to learn how to adjust your filters.

  9. How long will my messages remain on the system?

    Messages remain on the Exchange Mail system for 90 days unless the sender chooses to delete them sooner.

  10. How do I resend a message after the 14 day waiting period has passed?

    1. Click on “My Preferences/Search”
    2. Click on “Search for My Messages”
    3. Click on the “Green Arrow” associated with the message
    4. Click “Yes” when asked “Would you like to hide the previously sent message after you have finished sending the new message?”
    5. Verify all of the information is correct
    6. Click “Send this Message”
  11. I can't find the "My Preference" or "Send a Message" links anywhere. What should i do?

    You must be logged in order to gain full access to Exchange Mail. Click on Homepage. The login section is located on the upper right side of the page. Once you login you should see the "My Preferences" and "Send A Message" options underneath the Exchange Mail logo.

  12. I changed companies, how do I update my Exchange Mail profile?

    You must submit a Transfer Request Form to our membership department in order to have the change be reflective on your Exchange Mail account.

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